Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pure Luck.....or was it fate?

Forever the Sickest Kids Pictures, Images and Photos

Okay so last Friday, Forever the Sickest Kids, Hey Monday, Mercy Mercedes, and Stereo Skyline played at Six Flags in NJ.


(*******side note: to picture above.... My favorite is the one with the red hair in FTSK^^^ Caleb Turman. haha and also, Those are all really good bands and I say you go check them out as soon as you finish reading this amazing entry*******)

Anyway,Forever the Sickest Kids is one of my favorite bands and even though it was my first weekend in college, there was no way i was missing that show. I left directly after my last class that day feeling like crap. I had to drive there alone and I started to feel really sick. For a moment I was actually going to decide to not go but, I knew I'd regret it if I did'nt, and now that "the best night" has happened already... I'd REALLY regret it. I mean It would be worthy.

hey monday Pictures, Images and Photos
I guess you want to know what happened when I got to six flags, I walked into the park and went directly to the arena where the show was going to take place. My friends were on their way there so I had a little bit of time to kill when I noticed something on the ground. It was a piece of paper. So I went closer to it and saw that it was a sticker. I picked it up and read the following words on it..."Six Flags 9/4/04 Backstage Pass". Oh My GOD!!!!!!!!!!! And I thought to myself.... when does this ever happen to someone?!?!?! It's fate! GOD must love me because One. I'm sick Two. I drove here by myself and Three. This is a show for my favorite band. I must have done something right.

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There I am, standing there with a Backstage pass... What should I do with it? I did the obvious answer... I stuck it on my jeans and walked right backstage. I had my poker face on so the security just smiled and waved me in. I could'nt believe that was happening to me. I was freaking out inside. So I calmly walked in and sat at a table with some other people who had the stickers and made small talk. I had to act like I belonged back there, which was'nt very hard since I've gone backstage before. I didnt walk up to any of the performers, I didnt call their names or beg for pictures, I stayed chill. Later on some of the performers whom I had met another time noticed me and walked over to say hey but there was no way I was going to look like some stupid teenie bopper.

No Teenie Boppers Allowed Pictures, Images and Photos

(****Side note 2: I hate teenie boppers. Yes we've all been one at some point and yes I admit I was one too a few years back but I still can't stand them. And it's not only them, It's the parents. Theyre the worst, they bring their kids to these concerts and expect that because their kids are short they deserve a spot up front or you can't jump around and dance or have a good time because you bump into their child who doesnt even belong in the crowd because they'll get trampled. If you have to stand there and hold their hand and protect them, then theyre too young to be at an event like this! I can't tell you how many times I've gotten into arguments with parents. Ugh teenie boppers.***********)

Being backstage was pretty cool, not one person asked me why I was back there and it felt nice to not be in the crowd for once and just relax with everyone. I got to stand on the back of the stage during the set and it was just an all around great show. After the show the bands were all sort of just chillin around the backstage area so I used that time to talk to them and to take a pic with one or two of them. It was good because there were no screaming fans around this time so I got to talk to them like normal people. It was so calm and I did not feel sick at all anymore haha. I hung out for about an hour after the show then said my goodbyes and headed out.

I only ended up taking two pictures that night... One with Caleb<3 and one with Cassadee the lead singer of Hey Monday
I left that night with a huge smile on me face. How in the world does something like that happen to me? That was luck, wait no was Fate. I was meant to go to that show,meant to find that sticker and in the end, I was meant to have the Best Night.

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